6" PRO2 Colour Changer

Rainbow Colour Changers 6" PRO2
6" PRO2 Colour Changer

The extremely compact 6" PRO2 Colour Changer suits all smaller luminaires with a front aperture of up to 127 mm, especially the ETC Source Four range (19°-50°) or the Strand SL.

The 6" PRO2 can use colour strings up to 33 frames long. Operation and set-up options are the same as on all other PRO2 Series colour changers. The Colour Changer is mounted to the luminaire via an adaptor plate with integrated Rosco heatshield; this adaptor plate is available in two different sizes. The unit requires an external power supply for operation. The unit is supplied with a heatshield adaptor and a safety cable, but without power/data cable, power supply and colour string.

Cat No. 
6" PRO2 Scroller – 33 colours, incl. 6,25" Heatshield
6" PRO2 Scroller – 33 colours, incl. 7,5" Heatshield
6" PRO2Scroller – 33 colours, excl. Heatsshield
Colour String ‘Standard’ for 6" PRO2 / 20 colours | see details |
4-way barndoor for 6" PRO2
6,25" Heatshield with holder kit for ETC S4 / Altman Shakespeare (spare)
7.5" Heatshield with holder kit for ETC S4 PAR, LEKO etc. (spare)
Maxi 4 PSU 230 V, power supply for 24 Colour Changers 6" PRO2
Micro PSU, power supply for 6 Colour Changers 6" PRO2