8-Lite PRO2 Colour Changer

8-Lite PRO2 Colour Changer
8-Lite PRO2 Colour Changer

The 8-Lite PRO2 Colour Changer for PAR36 8-cell spot banks, better known as 8-Lite audience blinders, features a rectangle aperture for use with 8-Lites. Construction, operation and all the other functions are the same as the 15" PRO2 and the other units of the PRO2 Range.

The PRO2 Colour Changer can use colour strings of up to 25 frames. All Colour Changers in the PRO2 Range offer extensive configuration options and special features which are set using the integrated 4-figure LED display. An external power supply is required for operation. It can be mounted to Major and Thomas 8-Lites without requiring any further accessories. For other 8-Lites there are mounting adaptors.

The unit is supplied with an adaptor set for Thomas 8-Lites and two safety cables, but without power/data cables, power supply or colour string.

Cat No. 
8-Lite PRO2 Colour Changer – 25 colours
Colour String ‘Standard’ for 8-Lite PRO2 – 20 colours
Adaptor hooks for mounting on Thomas 8-Lite Blinder (incl. screws)
Maxi 4 PSU 230 V, power supply for 12 Colour Changers 8-Lite PRO2
Micro PSU, power supply for 3 Colour Changers 8-Lite PRO2