8" PRO2 Colour Changer

Rainbow Colour Changer 8" PRO2
8" PRO2 Colour Changer

The 8" PRO2 Colour Changer suits all medium-sized luminaires with a front aperture of up to 192 mm, including the PAR64 and many 1kW profile, fresnel and PC luminaires. Like the 12" PRO2, this Colour Changer is mounted to the luminaire using two horizontal and two vertical adjustable hooks, which can be set to ten different standard sizes.

The 8" PRO2 can use colour strings up to 33 frames long, with extremely smooth colour changes and precise colour positioning guaranteed by the high-resolution built-in electronics. The unit requires an external power supply for operation. The unit is supplied with adjustable hooks and a safety cable, but without power/data cable, power supply and colour string.

Cat No. 
8" PRO2 Colour Changer – 33 colours
Colour String ‘Standard’ for 8" PRO2 – 20 colours | see details |
New Universal Adaptor Plate for 8" PRO2 – Studio version
| see details |
4-way barndoor for 8" PRO2 | see details |
8" Barndoor Adaptor 4 Wheel | see details |
Adaptor Plate 8'' PRO2, for ADB Warp | see details |
Set of four additional cranked hooks for luminaires with wide frame cassettes
8" Adaptor 158 mm for ETC S4 fixed beam angle 19,26,36 and 50°, Leko etc.
Maxi 4 PSU 230 V, power supply for 24 Colour Changers 8" PRO2
Micro PSU, power supply for 6 Colour Changers 8" PRO2
Adaptor Plate 8'' PRO2, for Robert Juliat Lutin, 400er and 600er series

Further adaptor plates (also for older 8" models) are available on request. | further information |