The new Rainbow Scroller

Logical menue structure
Logical menue structure

As the leading brand in Colour Changers, Rainbow achieved best international reputation with the “PRO” series. Big opera houses and famous productions like the Royal Opera House in London, Mamma Mia! In Hamburg, Operaen in Copenhagen or the Esplanade Theatre on the Bay in Singapore rely on the outstanding quality of Rainbow Colour Changers.

The new Rainbow Scroller generation captivates by:

Approved Functions and Features

In addition to the distinguishing characteristics mentioned above, the approved functions and features build the foundation for a scroller which offers unequalled opportunities:

By this, Rainbow Colour Changers meet the requirements of your specific real life situations – whether touring, theatre or television studio.

Which scroller for which luminaire – how to read

To find the right Rainbow Colour Changer for your luminaire, please use the table in the Support section, keeping in mind the following:

There are two crucial factors that govern the fitting of a scroller onto a luminaire:

a) the light output diameter of the luminaire
For a scroller to be used in front of a fixture, the diameter of the light output (eg. the fixture’s lens diameter) should not exceed the diameter of the aperture on the rear of the scroller. In order to affect the luminaire’s beam as few as possible, Rainbow Colour Changers have a bigger front aperture than rear aperture.

b) the size and fitting of the luminaire’s colour runners
The runners on the front of the luminaire, which are normally used to hold the barndoor or colour frame, can be mounted on the top/bottom and left/right, as on a standard PAR can, or diagonally, as on many Studio luminaires. For diagonal mounting of the 8" and 12" PRO onto studio fixtures we offer special adaptor plates.