Colour String Service

Pre-manufactured colour strings for Colour Changers      
Company owned in-house colour string service

Rainbow Colour String Service
Pre-manufactured colour strings

Rainbow Colour String Service

We can manufacture colour strings for all common colour changers including, of course, our own Rainbow Colour Changers.
Our service is absolutely flexible and tailored to meet your particular demand. For the best results, we recommend Rosco Supergel colour filters. However, we also stock the complete Lee filter range and can manufacture strings of mixed colour type, if required.  
All of our colour strings are produced in a dust-free environment using recise workmanship. Colour strings are glued with solely Scotch 3M high temperature tape. A short delivery time goes without saying.

Please consider the following Rainbow colour strings only as a guide. To discuss your individual requirements please contact us.

This is how a “standard“ colour string with Rosco Supergel –20 colours – could look like.

Please consider that all colours reproduced on this website can only give you an impression of the original colour. Please find further colours on the Rosco-website.

Cat No. 
Colourstring „Standard“ for 8-Lite PRO / 20 colours
Colourstring „Standard“ for 15" PRO / 20 colours
Colourstring „Standard“ for 12" PRO / 20 colours
Colourstring „Standard“ for 8" PRO / 20 colours
Colourstring „Standard“ for 6" PRO / 20 colours
Gel Attachment Pins (100pcs.), for the use in PRO-units only
Heat resistant tape 3M 25,4 mm x 66 m
Heat resistant tape 3M 50,8 mm x 66 m